5 Vegan Grilling Recipes We Love

June 24, 2019

Nothing says summer quite like the sizzle of the grill, unless of course, you’re a vegan, right? Nope. These five vegan grilling recipes make the most of gorgeous summer veggies and fruit and we can’t get enough of them! Scrub up a meat-free zone on the grill and vegans and non-vegans alike will be craning their necks to see what you’ve got cookin’.

  1. Orgain veggie burger patties aren’t your average, ho-hum veggie burger. Packed with nutritious, clean plant-protein and flavor, your mouth will be watering before meatless-burger meets bun. For more burger bliss, experiment with vegan cheese slices, herbed vegan mayo spreads, and farmer’s market fresh tomatoes, butter lettuce, and craft pickles!
  2. Cilantro lime paprika grilled corn on the cob is smoky, spicy, sweet, and sour thanks to the paprika, grill marks, and lime squeezed over sweet corn. A true summer classic you can grill up and season in no time to keep your barbecues ultra-laid back and delicious. 
  3. Grilled veggie-tofu skewers are perfect dipped in any number of sauces – try peanut, barbecue, and soy sauces or a splash of lemon – the dunking possibilities are endless! These tasty skewers also happen to be a fun way to get kids to enjoy veggies AND to use up that pile of zucchini taking over your countertops right about now. 
  4. Orgain grilled pineapple and sweet potato with vanilla sauce because not all that griddles is gold… well, except maybe these golden slices of juicy pineapple and medallions of tender sweet potatoes. Drizzle all this smoky-sweet treasure in Orgain’s protein packed vanilla sauce for a satisfying summer treat that nourishes as much as it thrills the taste buds. 
  5. Our grilled stone fruit with alt-yogurt drizzle lets you experiment with grilling’s sweeter side! Stone fruit like peaches, plums, apricots, and nectarines are excellent for this summertime treat. Their bright zing and drip-down-your-chin sweetness are intensified by the flames and complemented by a creamy drizzle of your favorite almond or coconut milk yogurt. It’s a perfect light, summery dessert to enjoy at the end of a tasty plant-based cookout – no ovens required!

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