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Gain Strength

5 Fresh Fitness Goals to Power Your Summer

Ready to freshen up your seasonal routine? Adding a little variance into our workouts not only keeps us in it for the long haul, but can also do things like improve agility and challenge our endurance in new ways. Here are some ideas for a fun and challenging summer! Sign up for a half marathon...

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Live Fully

Stage 2 goal setting

So you’ve worked hard and pretty much have those New Year’s Resolutions on lock. Now what? Look at how far you’ve come and consider taking it to the next level. Here’s why goal setting is always important and tips to keep things fresh and challenging for the Spring. Eating healthy As the...

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Post Workout Protein Smoothie Recipe

If you’re a chocolate/peanut butter person, than may we introduce you to a stellar way to end any workout. Thick, creamy, nutty and delicious, this simple smoothie is packed with fiber, potassium, and protein. Not only is it satisfying, it will help power you through your long term...

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