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How Good Nutrition Promotes Healthy Sleep

Remember when people used to brag about how little sleep they got? For a long time, it was trendy to think that the less you slept, the harder you were working and more you were accomplishing. Thankfully, those days are gone and now we know that healthy sleep is key to overall health and...

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Weight Management

Delicious Ways to Eat More Greens

We could all stand to eat more vegetables, and for those of us who have ready access to a multitude of different varieties, getting creative with our greens might be easy. But if you aren’t seeing an abundance of veggie variety at your local grocery store, or maybe have started to slip in your...

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Five Foods to Help Avoid Inflammation

Inflammation is our body’s natural reaction to anything foreign: chemicals, pollen, bacteria, you name it. While this process helps us to naturally fight off illnesses and heal without the need of medicine, it isn’t always our friend. Studies show diseases such as cancer, heart disease...

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