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Vegan Banana Nog Smoothie Recipe

Vegans and omnivores alike can agree that this plant based holiday smoothie recipe is swimming with festive flavor. The best part might be that it provides potassium, lean protein, and fiber that traditional egg nog isn’t exactly known for. This is also a great options for the kiddos morning...

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Vegan potluck proteins everyone will love

Happy Vegan Potluck Season! As the holidays ramp up, so do the opportunities to gather together and share some favorite family recipes. Unfortunately, the vegan options are usually pretty limited. Worry not! Whether you’re hosting or bringing, we have compiled some of our favorite yummy vegan...

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Diet and Nutrition

Plant-based on a Budget

Do you fall into one of these categories? Just over 7.3 million Americans have chosen vegan or vegetarian diets, and an additional 22.8 million are “flexitarian”, meaning they eat primarily plant-based foods with the occasional addition of meat or fish. Yes? No? Sorta? Well with one in three...

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