A Quiz to #ShakeHunger

May 9, 2018
Complete this quiz and Orgain will donate one organic shake to a local food bank! Share your results when you’re done to encourage others to Take Action and help us reach our goal of 200,000 shakes donated!

Of the roughly 330 million people living in the U.S., how many people are food insecure?

12% of the US population is food insecure. Of this 12%, the most impacted are children, farmers and rural communities, women, seniors and people of color. WhyHunger is working to solve hunger by tackling the root causes. By addressing the complex economic, social and environmental issues at the core of hunger, WhyHunger is providing solutions that last and ending hunger for good.

Almost all food banks measure success based on:

While most food banks acknowledge the issues associated with measuring success in terms of pounds rather than the nutritional value of food, almost all still use either pounds of food distributed, or number of meals provided as the primary metric. WhyHunger is helping partners around the country explore new ways to measure health outcomes, source nutritious food for those in need and foster change.

What percentage of people experiencing food insecurity in the U.S. are children?

31% of people (1 in 6 children) suffer from hunger in the U.S.

What item is often the first thing families in the U.S. cut back on when money is tight?

For U.S. families, food is often the first budget item they cut back on when money’s tight. Food is a basic need but it is also one of the costs most easily negotiated on a daily basis. Medical bills, child care, transportation to and from work, rent and utilities are all costs that are generally fixed.

How can YOU support nutritious shake donations to food banks nationwide?

To ensure everyone has a right to nutritious food, Orgain and WhyHunger have partnered to end hunger for good. Thank you!! Because you have completed this quiz you’ve unlocked one more nutritious shake donation to a US food bank in need.

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